Meet The Barrett Company

Family-owned since 1956, we provide commercial storage trailer and container rentals to businesses and construction sites across Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

Our Commercial Storage Solutions

Are We Right for You

We specialize in providing secure, short-term or long-term commercial storage solutions. We’ll work with you, adding or removing units as your needs shift.

We’re right for you if you are a business and need onsite storage for:

  • Excess inventory storage
  • Off-season inventory storage
  • Office or warehouse storage during your renovation or move
  • Tools or materials on your construction site
  • Heavy duty industrial equipment storage

Sorry, we do not provide residential storage solutions.

How We’re Different

  • No hidden fees.
    Your invoice will reflect your quote, plain and simple.
  • True monthly billing.
    12 billing periods per year, not 13 4-week “months”.
  • Pro-rated rentals.
    Pay only the portion of the month your storage is onsite.
  • We’re friendly.
    No, really. Call us any time: 440-331-3300