What’s a Storage Trailer?

A storage trailer is raised off the ground and generally more mobile than a stationary storage container.

A trailer is typically parked at a loading dock or site where materials need to be temporarily relocated onsite or stored for the season without a need for daily access.

What We Offer

Storage Trailers for Rent in Cleveland | | The Barrett Company

Storage Trailer Exterior & Interior

All of our trailers are enclosed steel boxes elevated on wheels. These trailers are relatively easy to maneuver and we can move them if you do need to relocate mid-rental. 

Note, we do not rent trailers for overland shipping.


We offer trailers in a variety of sizes, but general measurements are as follow:

  • Length: 26′ to 53′ long
  • Width: approximately 8′ wide
  • Height: approximately 13′ tall (roughly 8′ of storage)
  • Interior: Actual dimensions vary by manufacturer, floors are flat with no wheel well protrusions


  • All open at the rear, some include smaller side doors.
  • Most offer doors spanning the width of the trailer.
  • Trailers parked at your loading dock usually have roll-up doors.
  • Trailers parked on your lot will generally have swing doors.


  • Monthly pricing varies based on size.
  • Delivery and removal costs depend on distance.