What’s a Storage Container?

A storage container sits on the ground and is delivered to a site similar to a roll-off dumpster.

In Cleveland, industrial storage containers are frequently used in rear lots or on construction sites because they offer convenient entry, secure storage and are easy to move materials in or out.

What We Offer

Storage Containers for Rent in Cleveland | | The Barrett Company

Storage Container Exterior & Interior

All of our storage containers available for rent are heavy duty steel, suitable for commercial or industrial storage. These are more or less your standard conex box or shipping container.

Though not as flexible as a storage trailer on wheels, we can still move an empty container onsite or to another location in Cleveland or Northeast Ohio if you need it relocated mid-rental.

Note, we do not rent for overland or overseas shipping.


We offer storage containers in a variety of sizes, but general measurements are as follows:

  • Length: 20′ or 40′
  • Width: 8′ wide
  • Height: Standard (8′) or Hi-cube (9′)
  • Interior | Standard Container: H 93.75″ w/89.5″ opening, W 92″
  • Interior | Hi-cube Container: H 105.5″ w/101.5″ opening, W 92″


  • Most storage containers open at one end with double doors spanning the entire width of the unit.


  • Monthly pricing varies based on size.
  • Delivery and removal costs depend on distance.